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After 3 years in the making, I’m so excited to finally bring to you my Sustainable Living Series. The series documents my off the grid bike ride across the USA on a bamboo bicycle where I practiced sustainable living to the extreme. In 4,700 miles of cycling, I used just 160 gallons of water, burned less than one gallon of gas, never turned on a light switch and created only 2 pounds of trash. That is 80x less water, 200x less trash, 600x less fossil fuels, and 1,000 times less electricity than the average US American! Plus I ate nearly 300 pounds of food from grocery store dumpsters to prove just how much perfectly good food we’re wasting in the USA.

The things I did were extreme but in this series you’ll learn how your daily actions affect the world around you both near and far. The episodes are food, waste, water, transportation, and energy and each episode informs you in an inspirational and fun way. By the end of the series, you will know the basics behind sustainable living and what you can do to live more sustainably without going nearly to the extremes that I did on my journey. Each episode ends with what you can do to be the change you wish to see.

Sustainable Living Episode 1 | Food: Local, Organic, Unpackaged, Food Waste 

Guide: How to Eat a Planet Friendly Diet

Sustainable Living Episode 2 | Waste: Zero Waste, The 5 R’s, Composting, Food Waste 

Guide: How to Live a Near Zero Waste Life

Sustainable Living Episode 3 | Water: Consumption and Conservation

Guide: How to Use Less Water

Sustainable Living Episode 4 | Transportation: Cycling, Walking, Public Transportation, Car Sharing 

Guide: How to Reduce your Impact from Getting Around

Sustainable Living Episode 5 | Energy:  The Dirty Truth

Guide: How to Use Less Energy

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