The Woman Spreading Heirloom Seeds Across Her Community

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Guest Blog by: Brijette Romstedt

It all started with a little glass tea cup with adorable pink flowers etched on them.  In this tea cup, I would store seeds delicately chosen from only the most outstanding plants in the garden. Those tea cups quickly overflowed.  The excess was put in glass jars in the closet until that closet overflowed.

Now, more than a decade later, our seed saving passion has created the only urban seed producing company in the United States. San Diego Seed Company.

We believe that through targeted, hyper-local organic seed production, we can not only help our community but also be an example for other small scale seed producers to follow.  Local seed production is extremely important to sustainability and as we grow and share with our community regionally adapted seeds, we hope to increase the numbers of gardeners and have a positive effect on food accessibility. All gardening does, after all, start with the seed!

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