Upcycled Surfboards: Saved From the Landfill

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Meet Marc Sanchez, the guy upcycling dumpster boards into beautiful new surfboards. Surfers are waking up to the waste and sustainability issues in the surf industry, and Marc is on a mission to green it up.

He gets broken surfboards that were destined for the landfill, strips them down in his shop, and crafts them into one of a kind surfboards. All the materials he uses are sourced locally, and the boards are glassed with a more eco-friendly bio-based epoxy resin. He wants there to be a day when he doesn’t upcycle boards anymore though, and instead, surfboards are built with compostable foam and entropy resins. He practices what he preaches, living the simple life in a tiny house.

To learn more, visit his Website and follow him on Facebook.

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