I Stand with the “Radical” People for Radical Change.

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For those that don’t know me well, I’m just going to go ahead and get this out of the way.

I am radical.

I am in deep radical support for justice and equity.

But what many in the mainstream consider radical, I consider a basic care for humanity, Earth and our fellow species.

I will support movements that are considered “radical” by the mainstream because I believe we need radical change if we want a quality future for humanity on this planet. Not just for the privileged and wealthy… but for all humanity. This means dismantling systems that are systemically racist, unjust and inequitable.

In this current system:

Unarmed Black protestors, protecting their families lives, are called dangerous rioters while white citizens with guns are considered protectors of the peace.

White supremacists in police uniforms get away with the murder of Black people.

Indigenous people are arrested and beat for protecting their own land.

Environmentalists looking out for clean water and air are called domestic terrorists.

This just scratches the surface.

In this system:

Choosing not to wage war over oil is radical.

Equal pay and equal rights for women is radical.

Paying people a livable wage is radical.

Letting people love each other, no matter their gender or sex is radical.

Believing that we are a global humanity and that there is no such thing as an “illegal alien” is radical.

Moving funds from a law system that discriminates and murders to programs that uplift is radical.

A government that actually serves people over corporate profit is radical.

Designing our systems to work with nature rather than against it is radical.

The truth is, people who support any of these forms of “radicalism”, like myself and millions of others… These people are indeed dangerous.

We are dangerous to the status quo of Western Capitalism, to the power structure of an old white male led government and a white dominated nation that was built on the backs of slaves and the land stolen from Indigenous people.

So yes, I am with the “radical” people. Because I believe not being “radical” will further the injustice and inequity we see today and be the demise of humanity and of the very earth we live on.



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