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What is plant it forward? Plant-it-forward is a movement to encourage more people to plant in the backyard. Similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge, participants will plant 3 seeds (or plants), then call out three friends on social media to do the same. It doesn’t matter if they are vegetables, sunflowers, flowers, or big trees – be as creative as you wish. The goal: MORE PLANTING!

How to choose your 3 seeds (or plants)

  • Do a quick Google search for the best plants to plant in your geographical area.
  • Ideally pick seeds or plants that are native (or certainly not invasive).
  • If you plant vegetables, make sure to check the recommended planting season on the back of the pack.
  • Plant Organic if you can!
  • Grow something that you like – this way you will be excited to take care of it and watch it grow!

How to take care of your 3 seeds:

  1. Choose your container, or sow directly into your designated area outside
  2. Start with loose, slightly moist soil (if starting indoors, use a good seed starting mix, or make your own mix)
  3. Plant the seed twice as deep as it is wide (tiny seeds can be sprinkled over the soil)
  4. Make a hole first, or simply press the seed into the soil
  5. Cover the seed with soil, and gently pack it down
  6. Water your seeds immediately (gently)
  7. Water once daily for 2 weeks and keep soil moist
  8. Watch them grow!

The Benefits of Gardening – Not only good for the planet, also good for you!

  • Vitamin D
  • Exercise
  • Stress Release
  • Improves soil health
  • Increases community
  • Heart health and reduced stroke risk
  • Brain health
  • Increased immunity
  • Reduced depression

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