National Geographic Visits Me at my Tiny House Homestead

National Geographic Visits Me at my Tiny House Homestead
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In many ways I live a very simple life. I currently have just a few hundred dollars to my name and typically maintain a net worth of under $10,000. I have no credit card, bank account, financial savings, bills, debt, or driver license. I donate 100% of my media income to nonprofits. I live in a 100 sq. ft. tiny house made out of left-over materials and currently grow and forage 100% of my food. It truly is a simple life in many ways. However, those of you who know me, know it’s far more than that. I’ve dedicated my life to being the change that I wish to see in the world and I’m not sitting by quietly doing it. I am a messenger, with a message to create a more sustainable and just world.

Although I may spend a lot of time in my simple house and working in my simple garden, I might not have as much free time as you might think. My media work is typically a full-time job in itself from the social media to the video production to the writing and the interviews for newspapers, news, podcasts, and websites. Over the last five years I have done well over a thousand media interviews, not to mention around 150 talks. That takes a lot of time! Plus, I’m currently writing two books and just received an offer for a third!

Here I am sitting down with Kristin Schmitt from National Geographic. I have journalists over at my place every week, sometimes a few per day. I enjoy sharing my message very much and am happy to sit down with journalists who can help me along in my mission. I certainly could not have made the impact I have so far without them. I’m so grateful for all the dedicated journalists out there who are using their positions to spread messages for a better world!

I work from morning until night many days, but it is work that I love, and it is work that makes me a happy and healthy human. Which is exactly what I want to see more of in this world!
Sending love to each of you from my computer!
(and soon to be climbing a fruit tree)

PS. Yes, it appears I had some sweet potato or papaya on my shirt during my interview for National Geographic! I’ll always keep it real.

Read the story in National Geographic here.


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