Make it your goal to fail today.

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Nobody is perfect. In fact, perfection would likely be an imperfection in most people’s mind. So next time you have a desire to try something but are scared, just do it! You won’t be perfect. You probably won’t even be good, but you’ll get good if you accept that you are not and work at it. Or maybe you’ll just try it once, gain some experience, and have fun. Realize that it’s ok to be imperfect and you will free up your mind and spirit.

To succeed you must fail. And to achieve great success you will probably have many failures to get there. No matter what you are doing, from rock climbing, to writing, to photography, to building a business. The best rock climbers have fallen off the most rocks. The best photographers have taken the most crappy photos.

I screw up and I fail all the time, but I try so much that I succeed even more. I forget about my failures and I think most people do too. But my successes are engrained deep in my mind and in many others’ minds as well.

When you do fail, don’t let it be at stuff that harms the earth or other people. For example, don’t build a ship that spills millions of gallons of oil into the ocean. You can do that by keeping life simple – because when you keep life simple, failure is not a big deal.

So get out there and FAIL! Fail, fail, fail. And fail again and again until you succeed!

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