Follow Up: My love to all humans suffering in Gaza, Israel and Palestine.

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Hello Dear Friends,

This is a follow up to my post from June 2nd.

First, I love you all and I am here with you.

I realize reading the comments how misunderstood my message of empathy for all suffering was by some people.

I support a free Palestine. I do not support the violent actions of the Israeli government. I do not support the violent actions of Hamas. I do not support violent actions by any people in this region. I do not support any war or any genocide.

I hear that I did not say the words that my Dear Friends in support of the Palestinian people wanted to hear and many of them felt quite disappointed and hurt by this. I get it. I absolutely support the freedom and liberation of all oppressed people, and I believe that Palestinians are being oppressed. I support the liberation and safety of Palestinians.

My heart and my actions are always with the oppressed first and foremost. My intentions were not to equate the oppressors with the oppressed. Yet, I’m also always seeking a holistic approach to peace that includes alleviating the suffering of the oppressor. I believe all violence today comes from a place of suffering. I stand by my belief that the people of Israel are suffering too. Jews have been some of the most oppressed humans on Earth. I truly believe that deep down the Israeli’s acting in violence are doing so out of a place of oppression that we are all suffering from under in this global dominator society.

I read comments and received messages from Jews sharing how much hatred they have received as of late, simply for being themselves. These are people who do not support the violence of the Israeli government. This hatred is often coming from the people who stand for peace.

I hear that to some my statement came across as not neutral. I understand this. I am not neutral and I will simply let my continued life’s work speak for itself. To others my statement of peace was received with much understanding and gratitude and it was well understood that I stand for the liberation of all oppressed people. Thank you for seeing my intentions.

I recognize my limitations. I have learned I can only be in so many places at once, while remaining effective. I will never be there for every suffering group of humans. My lack of being there for a particular group of suffering humans will never mean that I am not active in service to humanity. I am in this for the long haul.

I’m disheartened that my statement for the people of Israel and Palestine even became so focused on me, because it really wasn’t about me at all…

I’d like to remind everyone I’m a human being. Yes, a lot of people follow me. Yes, I have a blue checkmark on social media. But I am just a human being. A very limited human being. And I’m just doing the best that I can. I’m not skilled in major international conflicts.

As some have pointed out, I am not highly educated on this particular situation of suffering.

I have however spent a substantial portion of my life educating myself on systems of oppression, particularly US systems of oppression. My strategy will continue to be to educate myself on the roots that destroy peace as a society and to not get involved in each war, conflict or genocide. Not from a place of apathy, but from a place of believing this is my best strategy of being of service. Of holding onto peace and balance within, to bring peace to the communities I am a part of.

Yes, I am incredibly privileged. Yes, I am in some ways the “colonizer”. I’ve done deep self-observation on this for many years. I have acknowledged this hundreds of times. I have written in great depth about this and shared it widely. By speaking of love, I have been grouped into “spiritual bypassing” but a slightly closer look at my strategy of service and life, will clearly show otherwise.

I am limited to 2,200 characters on an IG post. It’s not easy to share the nuance of my beliefs in this limited space, especially because the pattern seems to be the majority of people don’t read the full post.

There is so much that I would like to say, so much nuance to our global suffering as a humanity…

I’ll end for now by saying that I am here. Whether you hate me or love me, I will remain here. I will continue my dedication to Earth, humanity and our plant and animal relatives.

You can count on me to share from a place of truth and integrity, with no virtue-signaling, no attempt to please any side or other, no attempt to financially benefit from the chaos, and with my own limited abilities in a very difficult time to be human.



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