Meet the Composters on Bikes!

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Meet the Composters on Bikes!

Let Us Compost is a curbside composting service for homes, businesses, and events. They started in 2012 with one truck and this year they began picking up by bike. They currently pick up from over 170 homes and businesses. Customers are given a bucket, kitchen pail, and biodegradable bags when they sign up.

Then, they simply place their food waste into the kitchen pail and dump the pail into the bucket when its full. The pail is put on the curb just like a garbage can and it is picked up weekly. Let Us Compost empties it into the trailer, gives the bucket a little refresher spray, and leaves more biodegradable bags made from plants.

The food waste is then brought to their plot at the local community garden, where they have made 325,000 pounds of compost already. It then comes full circle as it’s sold back to their customers to be used in their gardens. Plus, they give some away for free to the community gardens in town.

Half of all food is wasted in the USA, most of which goes to a landfill to rot and emit methane, which contributes greatly to climate change. Let Us Compost is part of the solution to both food waste and climate change.

Want this in your city? They can help you get started!

For more information visit their website and Facebook page

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