The Woman Bringing a Healthy Alternative to Soda to Her Community

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Meet Jing Chen, Founder of JinBuCha. She’s serving up a healthy alternative to soda in her community. The average US American drinks 45 gallons of soda per year, and over 1/3rd of US Americans are obese. We all know soda makes people fat and contributes to diseases like diabetes, but many of us don’t know there’s a healthy and refreshing alternative!

It’s called Kombucha, made simply by fermenting tea and sugar using a SCOBY (a culture of bacteria and yeast). The sugar is eaten by the cultures, making Kombucha low in sugar, and it’s filled with antioxidants, vitamins, and billions of probiotics. It doesn’t make you fat and sick like soda; it actually makes you healthier! Jing is on a mission to provide this healthy alternative to her community. She brews all the batches herself, using all organic ingredients. She even grows and forages much of the fruit for flavoring. JinBuCha is served in local restaurants, farmers markets, and bars in San Diego on tap, so no trash is made. People can also fill up growlers in her tasting room, and some bring in locally picked fruits in exchange for her JinBuCha, creating a sharing culture and a great sense of community.

To learn more about Jing and JinBuCha, visit her Website, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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