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4,700 miles, and 104 days of living an extremely conscious and low-impact lifestyle have brought me to Waitsfield, Vermont. My life will never be the same after immersing myself this deeply into sustainability. The knowledge and experience I have gained on this journey is so great that I will not fully grasp it for years to come. 

Adventurer Robin Greenfield of Greenfield Adventures cycles

Ripples have been sent around the world and received by thousands and thousands of people. So many of these ripples are unknown to me, but many of the them have come back from countries such as Russia, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Austria, Australia, and Chile, and are building up inside of me to form waves that will be released for years to come.

I am hearing every day from US Americans that are waking up, becoming more conscious, and seeing resources from a new light because of this journey. 

In the near future, the book and documentary I have been working on all summer will be released. I will, of course, continue writing, spreading knowledge and consciousness via social media and blogging.

I have a line-up of nearly 10 eco-adventures that I’ve spawned throughout the last 4,700 miles and I’m already dying to jump into each one of them. My work with 1% for the Planet will continue to grow, and I’m excited to be on their team to create a happier healthier earth. 

Today at the finish line, I was greeted by my 1% for the Planet family. They welcomed me to Vermont like mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters. I couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful end to the adventure, and today my family grew by a few dozen people. I am here with people that I love and people that create a better me. I’ll be in Vermont for the next week or so continuing to learn and continuing to smile profusely in their presence. 

Today, my Off the Grid Across the United States journey ended, but the feelings bubbling inside my chest tell me today is only just the beginning. Millions of ripples are waiting to be released and I can only hope they will band together to create the tidal waves that our earth needs to see. 

Robin Greenfield 1% for the Planet

Send your ripples far and wide, my friends.

We can expect greatness to come in this world.




This adventure is now a book! Dude Making a Difference is the exciting and inspirational story of my bike ride across the USA on a bamboo bike. Go to www.robingreenfield.org/Dude to get a copy or learn more about it. 100% of my proceeds are donated to environmental grassroots nonprofits!

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