Lessons from the Honeybees (stinging me in my face) …

Robin Greenfield with a swollen forehead and fist, with
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Sometimes when beekeeping, you get stung 3 times in the face, once in the hand, once in the leg and once in your butt ALL in one day!

Walking around looking like this is a good exercise in dropping my ego. The easy way out is to immediately explain to whoever I see that I was stung in the face by bees. Explaining away my weird looking face… The hard part is not acknowledging it, because our physical appearance matters nothing compared to what’s on our inside. Why should I even have to acknowledge it? I’m me, with a swollen face or not. It should make no difference.

As someone with no major eye-catching physical differences from others, I blend in. This makes it easier for me to be self-confident. This makes it easier for me to not think about how I look. I have a lot of respect and admiration for those who have managed to grow self-confidence and nurture self-respect even in the face of having noticeable physical differences that draw looks from people walking by. If this is you, you should know there are a lot of people out there who respect and admire you, like I do, for exactly who you are. Your looks don’t matter. What matters is your love, how you treat others and animals, your actions to the world… there are thousands of things that matter more than your physical appearance.

Even with the fact that I am fairly easy on the eye, I could worry about my looks. I started going bald at 21. I’ve never tried to get the hair to grow back. It’s ok. I’m just as good without the full head of hair. No company can convince me I’d be better off with their product to grow it back. As a youth I cared about penis size, because media and society told me that bigger is better. But of course, it doesn’t matter. My penis is fine. My heart’s bigger than my penis. I’m not ripped. Yes, I want to be in good health, but I don’t focus on having ripped muscles. I spend my time making the world a better place, not sculpting my biceps. I sometimes look at my body and think it could be better. But then I remember that it doesn’t matter. My energy is best used thinking about bigger things than that. My energy is best used living for a better world.

Love yourself!

I love you!

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