Florida Herbal Conference

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Seeking better health? It’s growing in your own backyard! Nature provides us with medicine through thousands of plants, but many of us just don’t know how to see it. That’s what the Florida Herbal Conference is for! It’s a weekend surrounded by nature to empower the herbalist community.

Dozens of workshops are offered, focusing on healing ourselves, our communities and the earth through the plants that grow abundantly around us. Plant walks give you the opportunity to learn the plants in nature. Yoga and qigong are offered as a vital part of natural health. In the marketplace, you can purchase plants, herbal medicines, and random goodness, and meet healers, teachers, growers, medicine makers and artisans from around the region. The conference was started by the Florida School of Holistic Living. They offer year-round classes at their school and online, including herbal medicine making, herbal first aid, and food as medicine and more. It is open to all, whether you are a seasoned herbalist or are just beginning.
To learn more about the Florida Herbal conference, visit their Website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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