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40 Hillary Kearney Rescuing Millions of Honey Bees
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Meet Hillary Kearney of Girl Next Door Honey, a local hero for the struggling honeybees across the USA. Bee populations have been on the decline for decades due to pesticides, loss of habitat, and climate change. Hilary is working to raise San Diego’s bee population and spread awareness among her community. After rescuing the bees, she photographs them, teaches her community about them, and manages over 90 honeybee colonies!

When bees make a hive or swarm where they are unwanted, a pest control company usually exterminates them. But not if Hilary has anything to do with it! She rescues the bees and relocates them to a place where they can lead happy, healthy lives. Most of the bees she rescues are put into a bee friendly backyard as part of her Host-A-Hive program, so people can benefit from bees in their own backyard while Hilary does the work and maintenance. She has created a network of over 30 backyard hives all over San Diego, and sells the honey locally so she can rescue more bees and teach more people of their important role in the environment! She teaches hundreds of new beekeepers each year with classes and workshops on sustainable, natural beekeeping. Are you inspired to be a part of the solution to help the honeybees in your community? Here’s what you can do:

-Plant a variety of bee friendly flowers in your yard.
-Refrain from using any pesticides in your garden, lawn, or house.
-Buy real honey from a local bee keeper.
-Never exterminate bees. Have them rescued instead!

To learn more about Hillary, visit her Website and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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