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1 in 7 US Americans are food insecure, which means they are often hungry with no food to eat, yet we produce enough food to feed every US American two times over. That’s about $165 billion worth of food that is not being eaten. So where’s all that extra food? Well it’s in our dumpsters and it’s in our landfills!

Not only is it a complete shame to dump this perfectly good food when we could be feeding our fellow US Americans, but it also causes a massive negative impact on our environment. When we waste food we also waste the water, energy, fossil fuels, and time it took to produce it. Then we waste resources in transporting it to the stores and then again we waste precious resources in transporting it to the landfills. Then the food rots in the landfills and emits Carbon Dioxide, which is a leading contributor to climate change. Food waste is the root of many of our greatest social issues.

We need grocery stores to start practicing responsible business and start caring about people and the planet, not just profit. Grocery stores need to stop dumping and start donating to non-profits like Feeding America and the thousands of others out there that can take donations of excess food and get it to our fellow US Americans in need. And the food that is no longer able to be donated should be composted and the packaging recycled.

Food is available. It is there! The resources are there. And the law is on our side with the Good Samaritan Food Act that waves liability of grocery stores and restaurants and encourages them to donate their good edible food.

Before your eyes are eleven short films that can bring you up to speed with our national and global food waste crisis. They may not encompass exactly everything you need to know about food waste, but they will inform you on every aspect of the issue. From the staggering waste statistics and the affect that it has on our Earth and its people, to examples of what people just like you are doing to get involved and the many solutions that are already in place but need to expand. The films add up to about 45 minutes and you’ll scroll away from this page highly informed and ready to take action to reduce food waste in America!

With thousands of passionate individuals currently working on this cause we are on track to drastically reducing food waste. Be a part of this revolution!

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