Meet the Robin Greenfield Intern Team in St. Pete, Florida!

Robin Greenfield sitting on a tree with a group of people.
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Meet the team!

For the last three months I have been working with a wonderful team of interns on community initiatives here in Saint Pete, Florida.

Meet Ash, Brent, Carly, Cloti, Julie, Jameson, Tommy, Will and Shikha.
Not pictured are Bri, Luke, Cameron, Jazmyn, Juliana, Kaylee, Kelli and Laura, along with dozens of others who have volunteered this year.

We live together in a typical suburban/ urban home in Saint Pete, Florida that we are transforming into a sustainable living demonstration home. This home is the headquarters for all of our community programs including Free Seed Project, Gardens for the People, Community Compost, Community Fruit Trees and Free Seed Library!

Over the last three months we have:
Built 10 Gardens for the People.
Planted 30 Community Fruit Trees.
Sent out over 10,000 free seed packs.
Rescued over 4,000 pounds of food from going to waste. Much of this was used to feed our household and distributed to the community. About 70% of the food we eat has been from food we rescued from going to waste!
What food was not eaten and distributed has been used to create compost to build gardens. About 540 pounds of food scraps have been rescued so far via our Community Compost program in the neighborhood.

We also have taken over 40 hours of workshops and classes to build our skills to be stewards of the earth. We are currently developing our Free Seed Library program and Community Compost program to provide grants and support for these initiatives to spread across the nation.

I want to give a deep thank you to each of the interns and volunteers for dedicating their time and energy to these initiatives. It has been a beautiful three months and the work will live on for many for years to come!

Photo by @carlyarbyphotography

Update: Here is a video tour of the homestead we lived and worked in. This project was active from January through June 2021.

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