Looking for a Home Base In Florida to Be of Service


Update: We found a home and completed this project:

Hello good people of Florida!

My name is Robin Greenfield. I am an environmental activist and simply a guy on a mission to be the change I wish to see in the world and empower others to be the change as well. You may have seen me pop up on your computer, TV or newspaper in the past years from my year long project to grow and forage 100% of my food while I was living in Orlando, Florida. I left Florida for a year and have returned to launch some community initiatives to help others grow their own food and live  sustainably. 

I am seeking a place to serve as a home base for myself and a team of interns that will work in service of the community. We will be building gardens for people who would not otherwise be able to afford their own gardens and plant Community Fruit Trees. I will be sending out 10,000 free seed packs, Planting 250+ Community Fruit Trees including multiple small orchards, building 20+ Gardens for the People, starting 100 community seed libraries and attempting to rescue and compost one million pounds of food waste in 2021! Much of this will be done locally in Florida but my team and I will also be providing grants and support to help these initiatives grow around the country and world.

You can learn more about my community initiatives here:

Community Fruit Trees  –  Gardens for the People  –  Free Seed Project

What I’m seeking is a house that provides me and my team with a base to live and do our service. What I would like to do a work-exchange in which we would improve the land in a way that fits your vision. My best service to the land owner would be build a large garden with permaculture principles, plant many fruit trees, install rainwater harvesting, a good composting system, etc. I can talk directly with the landowner about their vision with their land and how I could be of best service. This is an amazing opportunity for someone who dreams of their property being a permaculture garden and sustainable living oasis.

I am open to the possibility of paying some rent, depending on the situation, but would prefer to find a mutually beneficial non-monetary exchange. I will also be happy to teach the land owner how to live more sustainably, including things like growing food, greywater, rainwater harvesting, reducing trash, water and electricity conservation, composting, and more.

I am looking for a place that is ideally unoccupied. I am open to being located in a city or in a rural area. I am open to a house with a small lot or a home with multiple acres or more. I am also open to doing this at an existing farm. I am open to different possibilities that simply allow myself and my team to have our needs met so we can live in service.

I would pay for all utilities. There will be no alcohol or drugs on site.

I am looking for a space for December 2020 – April 2021 but am also interested in the potential of a space that could be available for up to two years.

My ideal locations are the St. Petersburg up to New Port Richey area, Melbourne – Sebastian – Vero Beach area, Sarasota, Fort Myers and New Smyrna. But I am open to other areas as well.

You can learn all about me and my mission here on my website or by looking me up on FacebookYouTube and Instagram.

If this interests you please get in touch with me by emailing info@robingreenfield.org and share some details about your property. If you think this would be a great match for someone you know please share it with them. I am open to ideas. If you have any questions or concerns and you are welcome to ask me any of them.

Wishing health and happiness to you all!

Here is a video of my tiny house homestead that I created in Orlando as a work-trade:


Here is a video on my year of growing and foraging all of my food:

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