Felixstowe’s Community Nature Reserve

39 Felixstowe's Community Nature Reserve
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Animals are being driven out of their natural environment because of human development around the world. This group of everyday people is part of the solution. In their Community Nature Reserve, everyone makes a little space for wildlife.

They have window planters for wildlife-friendly plants, bird boxes where birds can make homes, and insect hotels for pollinators. Many have little ponds for frogs and aquatic insects, and bowls of water placed outside help the hedgehogs. The idea is for everyone to give three square yards for wildlife, and when 1,666 people do this, the community reserve will add up to the area of a soccer field. This creates a big network of space for the creatures of the community!

Think this is awesome? Start a community nature reserve together with your friends!
Visit their Website and follow their Facebook to learn more.

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