11 Easy Plants for Beginner Foragers to Harvest (video)

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Food is growing freely and abundantly all around us, but many of us walk past this food every day without ever noticing. In this video I share eleven easy plants to help you begin foraging along with some of my basic tips to help you comfortably get started. I’m here to help you realize that our food doesn’t have to come from the grocery store. It can come from our own communities and we can produce and harvest our food in a sustainable manner.

See my beginner’s guide to foraging. 

Find a forager to learn from in your region.

These are the plants I introduce you to in this video:
1. Stinging Nettle

2. Plantain

3. Dandelion

4. Mint

5. Wood sorrel / oxalis

6. Clover

7. Watercress

8. Wild brassica / mustards

9. Wild onion

10. Raspberries and blackberries

11. Apples and other fruit trees

For resources for identification see my resource guide for foraging.

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