Dumpster Diving Blows Up Wisconsin Media

News Anchors Drink Dumpster Juice with Robin Greenfield.
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It’s been a huge week in raising awareness about food waste.

I created a little media frenzy and my activism was picked up in La Crosse, Madison ran with it, and it blew up in Milwaukee. 14 stories were done between news, newspapers, and radio, and their stories were syndicated by other news outlets around the Midwest as well.

There is no doubt that a big impact was made in the Wisconsin region with this campaign.

As for me, I’ve got another 1,500 miles to ride to NYC eating nothing but food from dumpsters to continue raising awareness about food waste, and as many of you know I have donated my last $421 to Food Shift and am now traveling moneyless.

I plan to keep the momentum flowing into Chicago and continue picking up media and leading by example to inspire people to be a part of the food waste solution all the way to New York City. I’m going to be putting big-time pressure on grocery stores to donate their excess food to non-profits like Feeding America and composting the food that is no longer edible.

And yes it is completely legal for restaurants and non-profits to donate excess food, and the Good Samaritan Food Act even protects them from liability in case someone should get sick!

Grocery stores get tax deductions for donating excess food, they save money on dumpster fees, and they get to help feed hungry people! It really just doesn’t make sense for this food to be in the dumpster. It’s a win-win for everybody to donate this food and I’m out to help create more wins around the United States.

All of the media stories are below for you to be blown away by the amount of perfectly good food found in dumpsters while being entertained, educated, and inspired about the issue.

Please get involved!


What can YOU do?
I’m calling for a citizen patrol to keep grocery stories accountable for donating their food instead of putting it in dumpsters and I need your help! Simply go to dumpsters with your smart phone and take pictures or videos if you find a shameful amount of waste.

Upload the media and tweet, Facebook, or gram it at the wasteful company with #donatenotdump. Let them know we are not ok with wasting precious food. Food is life and life is too good to be thrown into a dumpster!


NBC 4 Milwaukee- The Morning Blend – Dinner from a Dumpster


Fox 6 Milwaukee – Raising awareness of food waste by dumpster diving

CBS 58 Milwaukee – Wisconsin man dumpster dives across America for a good cause

Wake up Wisconsin – Wisconsin native goes dumpster diving to bring attention to food waste in America

ABC 27 Madison – Dumpster diving campaign hopes to raise awareness of food waste

Fox 47 Madison – UW Grad Bringing Awareness Hunger

ABC 19 La Crosse – Bamboo cross-country biker Robin Greenfield stops in La Crosse

Robin cycling

The Cap Times Madison – Dumpster dining

The Cap Times Robin Greenfield

Wisconsin State Journal – Ashland man biking cross-country to highlight food waste

WI State Journal Robin Greenfield

La Crosse Tribune – Free-wheeling freegan bikes to promote sustainability

La Crosse Tribune Robin Greenfield

CBS 3 Madison – Dumpster diving shows amount of food wasted each day

Robin Greenfield

WTMJ 620 AM Milwaukee – Beyond dumpster diving

WTMJ 620 AM Milwaukee – Madison man rides bamboo bike, dives in dumpsters across the country

Robin with Food

Wisconsin Public Radio – Wisconsin Native Bikes Across U.S., Highlighting Issue Of Food Waste

WORT 89.9 FM Madison – Food Waste in Madison

Update 08/20/14 – The Media Continues in Chicago!

ABC 7 Chicago – Man Survives on Dumpster Diving DuringCross-Country Bike Ride

My Fox Chicago – Activist Robin Greenfield ‘dumpster dives’ for food in Chicago

WCIU You and Me This Morning – Dumpster Diver Speaks Out


Update 09/01/14 – The Media Continues in Michigan!

Detroit CBS – Environmental Activist Will Be ‘Dumpster Diving For A Cause’ In Detroit

ABC 12 Michigan- Midwest man on ‘dumpster diving mission’ to raise awareness for food waste

TC Times – 1,500-mile bike ride — living only on dumpster food

Robin in Dumpster

MLive – Robin Greenfield stops in Linden during dumpster diving trip across America

WXYZ ABC 7 – Man traveling across the country, dumpster-diving to bring awareness to food waste

Detroit Free Press – Dumpster dining: Environmentalist raises awareness about food waste

Robin Greenfield Food

USA Today – Dumpster dining: Environmentalist raises awareness about food waste

Robin Greenfield Dumpster

Tree Hugger – Activist fuels his bike tour with dumpster food to call attention to Food Waste Fiascos

Robin Greenfield Amazing Dumpster Waste

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