Drip by Drip: Help Me Find Leaky Faucets!

Robin Greenfield drinking water from a sink.
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For the next week, I will be living off of drippy faucets as I cycle from New York, NY to Boston, MA. That is 250 miles through a heat wave! The weather forecast is calling for temperatures in the 90’s for the next 4 days and there is a heat advisory in effect. I need your help!

Help me find dripping faucets along my route so that I can drink. Invite me to the leaky faucet, fill up a bottle and meet me on the road, or just leave it on the roadside for me. 

Look for leaky faucets, hoses, fire hydrants, or even ice from the catch trays of fountain soda machines. Be creative. I’ll take any water that is still clean and was going to waste.

I will be leaving from from Central Park, Manhattan (Columbus Circle on the SW corner) at 5:00 EST on Wednesday July 17th and will arrive in Boston on approx. July 24th. If you’re looking for me I’ll be the guy on a bamboo bike pulling a trailer covered with solar panels. 

Please share this photo on Facebook or share this blog entry and tell your family and friends on the East Coast to keep their eyes peeled for me. 

Email me or message me with water locations.

Tune into my Facebook profile each day to learn simple and easy ways to cut back on water consumption that will help to create a happier healthier earth and save you money!

Here are some of the major cities I will pass through as well as the dates. 
Manhattan, NY- 07/17
Stamford, CT- 07/17 
Westport, CT- 07/17
Bridgeport, CT- 07/17
New Haven, CT- 07/18-07/19
New London, CT- 07/20
Providence, RI- 07/21-07/22
Boston, MA- 07/23 or 07/24


This adventure is now a book! Dude Making a Difference is the exciting and inspirational story of my bike ride across the USA on a bamboo bike. Go to www.robingreenfield.org/Dude to get a copy or learn more about it. 100% of my proceeds are donated to environmental grassroots nonprofits!

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