Tips to Positively Use Your Time During Coronavirus Isolation

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Hello dear friends,

Many of us are in difficult times with the current situation with coronavirus. My heart and my love go out to all of you. I am here trying to be of service, from isolation in France. For a lot of us, this is an opportunity to set ourselves on a path of alignment. This is a time when we can align our actions with our beliefs and begin to live the lives that we truly desire and yearn for. Today, I wanted to share my suggestions of how you can use this time wisely to not just make it through this situation but actually come out of it in a better spot. Imagine, after this passes, being able to look back at this time as the catalyst that launched you forward. Imagine next year looking back and knowing that you are in a better place because of how you spent this time. I hope to help some of you achieve that with a few of my top suggestions on how to use this time.

Grow some of your own food. Many of us are waking up to the destruction of the global, industrial food system and seeing how wildly disconnected we are from the basic elements that give us life. This is a beautiful time to plant your first seeds. See my beginner’s guide to growing food

Learn to forage. Food is growing freely and abundantly around us already. We just have to open our eyes in a new manner. Learn the plants that are growing in your yards, gardens, abandoned lots and wild lands. See my beginner’s guide to foraging

Be of service. When you live in service of others, there will always be a reason to wake up each day and a reason to live. So many are in need. Use the skills that you have, basic or advanced, to help others in times of need.

Read to educate yourself. Now could be a time to read the books on your list or to educate yourself on topics you’ve been yearning to explore. You can take a Permaculture Design Course Online.

Here are few options: Geoff Lawton,, Permaculture Women

Build skills. What skills have you been wanting to learn? Knitting, sewing, cooking, baking, fermenting, a handicraft, a new language? The possibilities are endless. Can you learn skills that will be deeply useful to you in life?

Maintain health. To come out ahead, we must not get behind. Maintain your health with healthy food, sleep, plenty of water, fresh air and exercise (even in your living room). See some of my health tips in this post

Expand your mind. Now is an opportunity for many of us to go within and expand our minds. 

Meditation and breath work. Meditation and breath work can be done anywhere that we are to improve our quality of life. Now is the time to get into a habit that you can keep with you for the longterm. Here are some mindfulness practices from Thich Nhat Hanh.

Declutter and downsize your life.  See my beginner’s guide to downsizing your life.

Finish projects. Do you have projects you’ve been wanting to finish for a long time? You could take this time to finish off the projects that have been preventing you from being fully present in the moment. Finish that long to-do list, so that when you are free from isolation, you are free from your to-do’s and can enjoy the moment more thoroughly. 

Strengthen relationships. This is an opportunity to spend time with the people who you are living with whether they are family or roommates. Spend time with them, love them, and strengthen your relationships.

Say sorry and forgive. If there are people you’ve been wanting to apologize to, now is a good time to do it. They deserve it. 

Forgiving is an opportunity to heal yourself. Let go of what doesn’t serve you and set yourself free.



To be of service in times of need Robin offered video calls to people who were experiencing isolation and struggling. You can read about that here and here. Afterwards, he hosted a series of four live videos to be of service that can be viewed here:

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