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In 2013 I launched an adventure called “Change the World” where a guest would win the opportunity to go on an eco-adventure with me. The person was entered to win the trip by commenting on Facebook with why they’d like to go on this adventure. Then others would vote for who they wanted my partner to be for the adventure via “liking” the comment of the person they wanted to win. I would then select one person amongst the ten who received the most votes.

Once the adventure had begun, the viewers on social media would vote each day for what eco-adventure my partner and I would do. Each day had a different theme. The objective of the adventure was to inspire viewers to rethink their actions and how they impact the world. Our adventures were designed to shed light on important issues and inspire followers to live healthier, healthier and more sustainable lives.

Cabo San Jose, Mexico with Valerie Frere (November 2013)

Valerie met me at my home in San Diego, California and together we went to Cabo San Jose, Mexico. In this photo we show what we both packed, laid out by our sides. I packed only the clothes on my back, a notebook, some paper, my cell phone and charger, a toothbrush, $700 in cash ($500 for the projects), and The Responsible Company book. Valerie had a lot more, but she was on a year long travel herself at the moment.


Day 1: Theme: Reduce – Reuse – Recycle. We cleaned up trash from the beach. Read the blog here.

Day 2: Theme: Take Back the Human Body. We skinny dipped and went barefoot the entire day.

Day 5: Theme: educate our future. We spent time with children at a local elementary school. We bought fruits and veggies and prepared a healthy meal. The teacher also received $60 to buy seeds and plant a garden at the school. Read the blog here.

Day 6: Theme: Healthy and Ethical Food Day, We carried out the voted-on adventures which was, pick our dinner at an organic farm. Read the blog here.


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