School with No Blackboards, Teachers or Homework

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Welcome to Casa Sula, an alternative school in Costa Rica. It was founded by parents in a nearby Ecovillage along with the Orion Group from Ecuador. There are no blackboards, teachers, or homework, yet there are unlimited materials to learn from. The space is designed to work with children’s natural curiosity.

Casa Sula is engulfed in nature with pristine rainforest on a crystal-clear river. The school’s approach and vision were developed over 30 years in rural Ecuador, based on studies of Montessori and the work of Jean Piaget, and merged with Group Orion’s extensive work with homeschooling parents. Kids learn things inside out, from their own authentic needs and true interests. Here they don’t do math, they play with numbers. Adults guide students in a very personal learning process. Children connect with who they are, what they want, and how to accomplish goals. They take on responsibility and know the consequences of their actions. The future is uncertain and they will be prepared not only with traditional subjects but also with social skills and agility to be ready for these changes.

To learn more about Casa Sula, visit their Website and follow them on Facebook.

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