Carla Naden- Giving Dignified Lives to Special Needs Dogs

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Meet Carla Naden, the woman rescuing special needs dogs. Over 3 million dogs per year end up in shelters in the USA, and over half a million are euthanized. Carla started Animal Synergy to rescue “super seniors,” special needs, and terminally ill dogs. These are the dogs which everyone tends to ignore. She provides them with a respectful, dignified life, and restores their souls for whatever time they have remaining.

For her, it all started with a dog named Nugget. Nugget had one day to live, and she gave him seven months. Since then, she has helped to rehabilitate over 50 animals. We need more compassionate people like Carla!
Inspired to be a part of the solution? Here’s what you can do:

-Never buy from a dog breeder.
-If you want a pet, adopt from a shelter or humane society.
-Only get a dog if you can commit to giving it a good life, for its entire life.
-Sterilize your dog so no babies are accidentally made.
-Volunteer at your local shelter and spend time with the special needs dogs.

To learn more about Carla Naden and Animal Synergy, visit her Website, and follow her on Facebook and  Instagram.

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