In 2013 I…

Robin Greenfield jumping on to the road barefoot.

In 2013 I…

Cycled 4,700 miles across the United States inspiring others to live in a manner that is beneficial for earth, community, and self. 

Lived on the streets for a week to gain a better understanding of the issue of homelessness, and solidify within myself the belief that all humans are equal.

Ate from dumpsters for one week to raise awareness about food waste, and gave the issue attention worldwide. Also, ate over 280 pounds of food from dumpsters over the summer to do the same.

Started an online adventure series called “Change the World with Robin Greenfield” that brings on guest adventurers and encourages fans to be a part of the earth-friendly living adventures. 

Biked through California on the Do Good Tour, spreading goodness along the way.

Lived on a leaky fire hydrant for five days in Brooklyn, biked from NYC to Boston in a heat wave drinking only from leaky faucets, and went over 8 months (and counting) without a shower in campaigns to raise awareness about water waste.

Had my work featured on over 25 US American news stations, a dozen newspapers, and more than 100 publications in 20+ countries around the world.

Became an Ambassador for 1% for the Planet and in doing so turned a dream into a reality. 

Began the creation of, a social network intended to help people do good and inspire their peers to do so as well.

Founded the Goodfluence Fund, which gives microgrants to individuals, activists, and nonprofits for environmental and social projects that create health and happiness.

Spent one month in Hawaii living simply, writing, and creating an amazing garden for a YMCA. 

Continued to run my business, The Greenfield Group, with the intent of using it to have a positive impact in our world and vastly reduced our negative impacts.

Officially changed my life title to Adventurer with the mission to inspire happy, healthy living.

Have continued my personal transformation into a truly earth-friendly lifestyle in order to lead by example.

Have changed my truest measure of success to the positive environmental impacts I have made and the number of lives that have been bettered by my time on earth. 

Became the freest and happiest man I have ever been!


In 2014 I intend to…

Lead our people into living in a manner that is beneficial for earth, community, and self.

Continue to conjure up the creative means to inspire happy, healthy living.

Reinforce in myself and our race that all humans are equal and should be treated in a just manner. 

Simplify my personal life into the humblest life I can lead in matters such as home, food, transportation, finances, energy, and waste. In doing so, I intend to reduce my negative impacts on our environment.

Reduce my dependence on money.

Do more good than seems possible in just one year.

Happiness and health to all in 2014!



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