12 Ways to Take Back the Human Body

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Day 2 of Change the World is Take Back the Human Body Day

I believe that humans would be happier, healthier, and better to the earth if we were more comfortable in our own skin. It would mean fewer beauty products, less clothing and accessories, and less time in front of the mirror. That would leave more money and time for what’s important.

Also, today is about treating our bodies with health and respect.

You voted on these mini adventures on Facebook:
Go skinny dipping
Go barefoot the entire day
Do an all-natural photo.

We decided to do all three and went barefoot, skinny dipped and took some all-natural photos


12 ways to take back the human body

1. Kick off your shoes and go barefoot. Just like the palms of your hands, the soles of your feet are very sensitive and help you to connect to the earth. Going barefoot also helps to strengthen the muscles in your feet, ankles, and legs.

2. Be comfortable in your own skin. Accept your body the way it is. You are beautiful/handsome! No body is perfect. Be confident with who you are and people will like you more anyway. Practice being in the nude, it will grow your confidence.

3. Use natural cosmetics and cut back on usage and number of products. Many of the standard products are full of harmful chemicals and petroleum-derived ingredients that are bad for you and bad for animals. Go natural, simplify, and save money!

4. Be ok with a little odor. Of course good hygiene is important, but a little smell is natural. It can even be sexy!

5. Put good food into your body. Your body often reflects your diet. If you put food full of chemicals into your body, then your body will be full of chemicals. Aim to eat primarily whole, local, unpackaged, organic foods and avoid processed, industrial, plastic-wrapped, pesticide-sprayed food. Eat an abundance of nutritiously dense foods including plenty of fruits and veggies. See my guide here. 

6. Pay attention to your body. It is a complex organism, but if you start to pay more attention you will naturally tune into your body and start to understand it more. 

7. Treat yourself with natural medicines and remedies. Don’t jump right to the pills. There are so many natural ways to heal yourself including acupuncture, massage, essential oils, herbs, and positive thoughts. Prevention is the key. 

8. Simplify your closet. You don’t need dozens of shirts, pants, shoes, socks, you-name-it to be healthy, comfortable, and fashionable. Showcase what your momma gave you, simply and comfortably. 

9. Remember the human body is natural. Your butt, breasts, nose, fingers, ears, poop, ear wax, sweat, and snot all

have a function and a purpose. Embrace it, accept it, honor it, and give gratitude. 

10. Exercise. The body wants to be used! Daily physical activity will increase your levels of happiness. 

11. Nudity is natural. Being naked does not mean you are looking for sexual attention. You can be naked just to be naked. I believe many humans who become accustomed to nudity, both their own nudity and others, have a healthier sexual life and treat sex with more respect and comfort. 

12. Touch yourself, and touch others too! Hugs do wonders for the body and create connections. Massages are wonderful in so many ways. Kisses, high fives, cuddling, and sex are all awesome too!

And don’t forget to get ample rest, breathe in fresh air, and drink plenty of water. Your body needs these simple things to function at its best.

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