Think You Don’t "Have Time?" Think again

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Read this if you want to…
Be inspired to live a fuller life.

Realize that maybe a lot more can be done in 24 hours than you think.

See life from a different perspective, even if just for a moment.

Live simply and live free.

People often ask me, “How do you have the time to do all this?” I’ve answered in many different ways in the past but as I was sitting by a peaceful pond in Princeton, New Jersey on a hot summer evening I realized I hadn’t been giving an answer that was true to my feelings.

Here is what I realized.                                                                                                                                   

I have time to do everything I do because I am human and I am alive. Therefore, I have 24 hours in every day, which is 1,440 minutes, which is 86,400 seconds. I have 7 of these days in each week and I have 52 of those weeks in each year, as does every living human.

No human being has more time or less time than others. It is not something we can buy or win. It is not something we can steal or borrow from someone else. All living humans have the exact number of minutes in a day. There is no such thing as not “having” time for something.

We choose not to devote our time to do something so that we can spend our time doing something else instead. It’s a choice. Life is a choice. The choice may be conscious, or it may not be realized but it is a choice.

Maybe a better question would be, “how do you manage to accomplish and do so much with your time?” My answer to that is simple. My answer to that is something you won’t hear out of most people’s mouths. I’m going to be blunt here and I’m going to be realistic.

I choose not to waste the life I am privileged to be living. I choose to put the minutes I am fortunate to have to what I consider good use. I live on a marvelous and diverse world and I have made the conscious decision to make as much of my life as I can for myself and for the people around me.

I am human, and every human is capable of being amazing if they choose to be. I have chosen to be amazing. I choose to spend my time doing things I can feel proud of, that award me a fuller life and that create a better world around me.

I choose not to spend my time watching TV and playing video games. I choose not to sit around the house or the bar drinking beer. I choose not to spend my time doing drugs or smoking pot. I don’t spend a half hour to an hour each day making myself look handsome in the mirror.

I don’t waste time working a job that I get nothing out of except money. I don’t waste time buying stuff I don’t need. I don’t waste time sitting around and doing nothing.

I don’t own a car that takes time to maintain and results in me sitting in traffic. I don’t own a house that has constant needs. I’m not attached to all sorts of material possessions that take time to organize and maintain and keep updated.

I don’t have a pet or a child to take care of and I don’t intend to. I don’t cut grass that doesn’t need to be cut and wastes fossil fuels that pollute the planet.

I don’t spend my time catching up on celebrity gossip. I don’t need a lot of money, which means I don’t need to work to make a lot of money. The less money a human needs, the less money they need to earn, and in turn the less time they need to spend at work. Less time at work means more time for life. I don’t waste my money on all sorts of things that I don’t need. I put in my time in at school and have finished my formal education.

I keep things simple, which allots me the time to make life grand. Instead of spending my time doing useless and mundane things I seize each day because I know I’ve only got about 30,000 of them in this life. I seize each hour because I know I’m blessed to get a hold of around 1,800,000 of them. I seize each second because I’m fortunate enough to live a life that will have 43,000,000 of them in it. I seize each moment to show others that life can be seized.

I spend my time cooking and eating healthy food. I spend my time traveling my country and the world. I spend my time outside breathing fresh air. I spend my time doing activities that are good for my body. I spend my time with friends and family. I spend my time laughing and loving. I spend my time going new places, trying new things, and meeting new people. I spend my time learning and expanding my knowledge. I spend my time helping others and spreading health and happiness. I spend my time giving back to this earth that I call home. This is what I think makes a good life and this is how I choose to spend my time.

It might seem impossible to live a life like this, and yes it is if you have filled your life with all sorts of time wasters. To live a life this simple yet enjoyable you have to simplify your life. Get rid of unnecessary possessions that bog you down.

Don’t measure your life success by money and possessions. Drop your ego and do what makes you happy not what the USA tells you to do. Ride a bike instead of a car. Make conscious decisions and practice self control.

Don’t spend two hours in front of the TV each day and say you don’t have time to eat healthy or exercise. 2 hours is roughly 12% of your waking day. That’s a lot of time!

A lot can be done in one minute. A lot can be done in one hour. A lot can be accomplished in a day. Take advantage of the time you have on this incredible place we call earth. Be amazing. Create the world you want to see around you. Be marvelous. Live a life that is beyond just you. Be natural. Be you and be true to yourself.
Live simple and you will live free!

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