I haven’t showered in 6 months

Robin Greenfield bathing in a waterfall.
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Yeah, that’s right, the last shower I took was on April 20th, 2013, exactly 6 months ago. Why have I done something crazy like this?

Well, the answer is simple: to conserve water. At first I thought it would be quite the challenge, but I learned quickly that I do not need water to pour out from a shower-head above me in order to stay clean.

Water is naturally available all over and it cleans me just as well from a trickling creek, a rushing river, a placid lake, a pounding ocean wave, or dripping from the sky.

I have not “showered” in six months, but I have bathed nearly every day in a natural source of water. I believe that I have great hygiene and I very rarely have a disagreeing odor coming off of my body.

My thought is that by living a natural lifestyle my body does not create bad odors. I put good healthy natural foods into my body and believe that helps create a more enjoyable smell than if I were to put junk food in with all sorts of harmful chemicals and preservatives and junk ingredients.

Of course I smell a little bit sometimes, but isn’t it natural for a human to smell? I mean, we are animals after all. 

I remember something Annie Leonard from The Story of Stuff project has said many times, “Toxics in, toxics out.” If you put toxics into something they are going to come out, too. That includes food, consumer goods, and cosmetics.

The only personal care items I put on or in my body are Dr. Bronner’s soap, natural toothpaste, and coconut oil.

I watched The Story of Cosmetics close to 2 years ago and within days got rid of all the big-brand cosmetics that I had in my bathroom such as Old Spice body wash, deodorant, and Suave shampoo. They are full of harmful chemicals that I was not only spreading on my body, but sending down the drain to end up in our water supply or natural bodies of water. 

It’s so refreshing to take a dip every day. By not allowing myself to shower I am forced to be a part of nature every day and get out of the house. There are not many things on this planet that I find more rejuvenating than immersing myself in a natural source of water!

Live naturally and think unconventionally!

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