Green Riders – Community Bike Ride Across the USA

The Green Riders are a group of everyday people who came together for a common purpose: to make the world a greener and more sustainable place!
On May 29, 2017, approximately 30 people met in New York City’s Central Park to embark on a cross country ride together to Seattle, Washington.

Green Riders

Their mission was to do Good Deeds on Bikes and try to leave each community they passed through a slightly better place. On the 11-week journey, they planted 90 fruit trees and thousands of wildflower and vegetable seeds, cleaned up over 20,000 pieces of trash, and rescued 5,000 pounds of good food from dumpsters. They volunteered in community gardens, in the gardens of their hosts, cleaned up trash, and performed random acts of kindness and sustainability.

48 people from seven countries around the world took part in the cross-country ride. Some cycled coast to coast and others for a state or two. The ride was open for anyone to join for as long as they wanted. Together the Green Riders cycled 87,000 miles. That’s 3.5 times around the world!

The journey was an educational opportunity for each rider. They visited organic farms, community gardens, permaculture projects, home gardens, off-grid homes, co-ops, and more. Riders learned about growing food, sustainability, foraging, cycling, simple living and, in general, how to live a lower-impact lifestyle and reduce their dependence on money and possessions.

They were hosted by many amazing and welcoming people along the way, including farms, backyards, homes, churches, city parks, campgrounds, a high school and a YMCA. For many of the riders, it was incredibly uplifting to meet so many helpful and friendly people across the USA. For many of the hosts, it was life changing to experience the freedom, positive attitude, and love that the Green Riders brought into their homes.

Each day was a challenge. To be able to live in the service of others while trying to cycle 50-70 miles each day and survive the road was a challenge as well. Some days got the best of the Green Riders, but overall, they were able to leave a path of positivity across the nation.

None of us can change the whole world, but we can certainly have a positive impact on our communities and stand strongly for sustainability and justice!

Thank you to everyone who helped the Green Riders along their journey!
This journey was organized by Robin Greenfield and Cheryl Davies.
Future Green Riders trips will take place. Join the Green Riders – Good Deeds on Bikes Facebook group to stay up-to-date about future rides and follow the Green Riders.
Meet the Green Riders via this video by rider Adam Fenton
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