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The Do Good Tour is underway and I’ve made it to Santa Cruz, California!

4 hours on public transportation, this sweet, used bike from Craigslist to replace my stolen one, a refreshing swim in the bitter cold ocean, and here I am at Life Lab in the stunningly gorgeous city of Santa Cruz. Life is good on the Do Good Tour!

In the picture above are my new friends at Life Lab, where I volunteered for the afternoon. I helped out with a field trip of elementary school teachers and they learned how to make their own corn tortillas, how to press fresh apple cider, and all about bees and chickens. It was a great afternoon of learning, not only for the kiddos, but for me too. Not to mention delicious and healthy!

I am so excited that this wonderful place exists to empower youth with knowledge and experience to live a happy, healthy life. It’s incredibly important that we lead by example for our youth if we want them to live in a sustainable, healthy world.

Kids learn from what they see so, if they see junk food and junky living, the odds are much higher that they will become just that. The solution is simple for you adults who are reading this and have a desire to leave a better world behind: be good, be healthy, be happy, and your peers and the youth will follow suit!

Life Lab was a little slice of heaven on earth. It’s situated on 25 acres of land high up on the hills over looking the endless, blue Pacific Ocean. All sorts of fruits, veggies, herbs, and flowers are providing abundant beauty and food.

A cheerful staff is there to be stewards of the land and educate 6 field trips each week. Apprentices live there and take their knowledge out into the world to spread far and wide. Chickens cluck happily. Bees buzz around, pollinating the flowers and food.

Off-site, they are also making positive impact near and far. They’re doing workshops from east coast to west coast, spreading healthy food and healthy knowledge. They are consulting schools to help reduce waste, teaching teachers to incorporate gardening into classrooms, and planting school gardens through their partners. They are not alone.

Tens of thousands of organizations are making BIG differences all over the country and world! Every day, people are getting activated and empowering our race to be the healthy creatures we were designed to be.

My friend Lena Molinari over at PatagoniaSantaCruzOutlet is using business to have a positive impact and so is this rad dude Kyle Thiermann at Surfing For Change, he is traveling around the world, surfing and cleaning up our oceans! What a guy!

Goodness is everywhere if you’re looking for it, but  you’re eyes have to be open to see it, my friends!

Then there are dudes like Zac Shook, who’s hosting me at his home even though he’s never met me, and sweet gals like Kaitlin Duffey, who put me up for an entire week after meeting over strawberries on the street.

Good people are everywhere! Go out and surround yourself with them if you want to become a better person yourself. 

Thank you to everyone who is doing their part to make OUR world a place we can be proud to call home!

Learn more about Life Lab at They are a 1% for the Planet recipient!

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