Let Me Be Clear… I am Doubtful of Humanity’s Fate

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Let me be clear with where I stand…
I am doubtful of humanity’s fate.
I believe we will likely continue down a path of great destruction.
I believe inequity and injustice will increase in our lifetimes.
I believe harder times are ahead for billions of us.
It is not that I don’t think we can turn things around. I’m confident we can.
I don’t think we will.
Even so, I will always work for humanity, our fellow species and the Earth we call home.
Because I simply value life enough to do so.
I value our humanity.
I value our fellow species.
I value this magnificent planet.
No matter what our collective future holds, I will not give up.
I will bring attention to the problems we face and present solutions to these problems, solutions that you can be a part of.
I will strive to be the solution and to inspire the solution.
I will be by your side, sometimes literally, and sometimes from afar.
I will strive to increase our quality of life and not to decrease it.
I will simply do my best for you, for me and for all.
I will encourage you to do so as well.
Although I don’t think we will turn the path of our humanity around… I believe you can turn you around. I believe that we can turn some of our communities around. I believe we can come together to create a lot of regeneration and healing. This will all be deeply meaningful.
Because life is meaningful and every single life matters.
That is reason enough for us to never give up on life as we know it.

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