Photographs of People in One Month of Junk Mail

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Inspired by Gregg Segal’s 7 Days of Garbage campaign, I decided to call out a challenge to my friends on Facebook. I asked them to hold onto one month of their junk mail and snap a picture of themselves with it.

We get so much junk mail in the United States that I expected to see some pretty huge piles of junk. The average adult receives 5 to 10 pieces of junk mail a day which is 150 – 300 a month. That amounts to 41 pounds of junk mail each year for one person or 8 BILLION pounds for the entire country. That’s a lot of junk mail. Supposedly the average US American spends multiple months of their life just opening this crap! 70 hours per year!

So here’s what my friends came back to me with.

Susan in Massachusetts is drowning in junk mail!Junk Mail 1 susan

Joan in California was freaked out by her junk mail (but her cat Sadie didn’t care). Junk Mail 2 Cyd

Jack and Eva in Pennsylvania made a junk mail sandwich out of their mom’s junk mail. Junk Mail 3 Jack and Eva

Catherine in Pennsylvania is annoyed by this pile of junk.Junk Mail 4 Catherine

Gabriela in Florida wants her kids to live in a world free of the junk. Junk Mail 5 Gabriela

April in Wisconsin is an old High School friend and she ain’t down with the junk!Junk Mail 6 April

Adley in New York sits with his moms month of junk mail.Junk Mail 7 Son of Kristen

Maggie in New Jersey is sad that trees were turned into the junk on her floor.Junk Mail 8 Maggie

Janna in California with her fat stack and her baby.Junk Mail 9 Janna

Ken in Kentucky is saying NO MORE JUNK MAIL!Junk Mail 10 Ken

None of my friends are down with all this junk and I doubt you are either. That’s why I wrote this blog. I put an end to my personal junk mail a few years back and want to help others to end their junk mail too. Remember how I said the average US American spends months of their life dealing with their junk mail? Well, not me anymore.

But whats more important to my friends and I is the toll that junk mail is taking on the earth. 100 million trees are destroyed each year to create all this junk mail and 28 billion gallons of water are wasted to produce and recycle junk mail each year. Creating and shipping our junk mail produces more greenhouse gas emissions than 9 million cars. Nearly half of all junk mail goes to the landfill and fills up our earth with its funky junky business. It’s no small deal.

The good news is that you can drastically reduce your junk mail today and be a part of the solution! I took this step a few years ago and my junk mail was decreased by about 80-90% within a couple months. And it only took a few minutes of my time. By doing this FOR FREE you’ll conserve almost two trees and over 700 gallons of water!

Simply sign up to stop junk mail from coming to your house. Do steps 1 and 2 and your junk mail will be reduced by around 80-90%.

1. Go to to take a huge chunk out of your junk mail! At you can register to stop receiving catalogs, magazine offers, and all sorts of other mail offers. It should only take you five minutes to create a profile and opt out of everything!

2. Go to to stop credit card offers! At Opt Out Prescreen you can take five minutes of your time to fill out a form that will stop prescreened offers for credit cards and insurance from coming to your house for five years.

Or if you want to support a great business that will do it all for you for $35 you can sign up at 41Pounds. They guarantee to reduce your junk mail by 80-95% and all that money goes to fighting junk mail and organizations that are working to keep our earth beautiful.

Please take a few minutes of your time to END JUNK MAIL at your home and then SHARE this with everyone! Not only can you end your own junk mail but many others by sharing this!

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