Yaupon Holly- The Solution for Local Caffeine for The United States and Canada

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Welcome to The Yaupon Brothers forest farm where they harvest yaupon holly!
Yaupon holly is North America’s only native caffeinated plant. It has the potential to replace coffee, tea and yerba mate in the USA and Canada. Most coffee and tea is shipped long distance, guzzling fossil fuels, but yaupon holly is a native, local source of the much loved caffeine buzz.
This can be a truly sustainable tea for millions of North US Americans. As a native, wild plant it does not need any watering, fertilizer or pesticides and needs not be shipped across the oceans. The Yaupon Brothers, Bryon and Kyle White, are working to bring this ancient Native American tea back into the lives of modern US Americans, and to promote healthy living, an active lifestyle, harmony with nature, and accountability in enterprise. Ethical sustainability and accountability all around.

Note: At :42 I misspoke when I said it is “North America’s only caffeinated plant.” I meant to say that it is “North America’s only native caffeinated plant.” The North US American continent includes Canada, USA and Central America. Yaupon is most applicable in the Southern USA and would have the shortest shipping to most of the USA and Canada for a caffeinated beverage. Coffee and cacao do grow in Central America. I apologize for misspeaking.
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