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Hello to you all from Amsterdam,
The situation has been changing quite drastically here since I updated just 24 hours ago.
The WHO has called Europe the centre of a pandemic and I’m right here in it. I arrived last week as part of my World Solutions Tour and each day the situation has changed. Just last night I hosted a lovely event here in the Netherlands and when I arrived in Berlin last week this virus seemed barely an issue here. Today, I am writing to let you know that all of my events scheduled up until April 8th are postponed to a later date or canceled. This includes The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. It is not unlikely that Slovenia, Germany and Austria in April will be postponed or canceled as well (UPDATE March 17th: all events up to April 22nd are now postponed or canceled). Many of these events were canceled due to government restrictions and others I am personally choosing now to postpone or cancel. As of now my plans for UK and France in April and May are still intact but time will tell. I am not furthering my plans for India, Asia, Australia and New Zealand for at least a couple weeks as I monitor the situation.
I am sad that I may not get to meet so many of you wonderful humans who support me dearly and for the hundreds of hours of work that will not come to fruition. But I’m embracing the situation.
This photo was taken at a grocery stores a few blocks from where I’m staying. Overall, it seems relatively calm around here but empty shelves in a Western nation is something I have seen few times in my life. There is no doubt we are in uncertain times and the situation could become drastically worse. We were in uncertain times long before this virus arrived though. This is just a little window into the situation that humanity is in.
Aside from the virus itself, I am acting based on the restrictions of government on gathering of people, the difficulties of travel and the risk of getting stuck in a difficult location. I believe the days and week ahead will be very telling. I intend to go to the countryside for now. I will update you in the days to come. For those of you who are worried about me, I don’t believe there is any need to be. You can put your energy to good use elsewhere to being of service to others. I am taking good care of myself and am with dear friends. We are in good hands.
I am sending love, health and happiness to all affected by this situation.
I love you all,

Updates to the dates and locations will be made to the World Solutions Tour website.

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