Winona LaDuke’s Hemp Farm

Robin Greenfield and a woman standing in a garden, with Winona's hemp & heritage farm
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I had the great honor and pleasure of spending some time with the one and only Winona LaDuke at her hemp farm!

I have the greatest respect for people who dedicate their lives to improving their communities and the world, and Winona is a powerful example of this. She is truly leading the way into a more sustainable and just world and has been at it for decades, before I was even born.

Her current initiative is one that I am deeply excited about- Winona’s Hemp and Heritage Farm. Hemp has been mostly eradicated from 21st century USA and she is working to bring it back. Hemp is widely considered one of the most important and wide-ranging solutions to our greatest problems.

Winona’s hemp will create the fiber to literally grow, mill, and produce clothing. Every step of the way. This will be done without toxic pesticides and with very little water, as hemp grows naturally. The growth of hemp will regenerate the land under it, not degrade it, and it will sequester carbon. This hemp clothing will replace plastic clothing that is made from fossil fuels and litters our waterways with microfibers.

Her hemp will produce high quality organic food, to nourish her community.
Her hemp will be used as medicine to heal people who need healing.
Her hemp has the power to change her community and set a positive example that can ripple out across the nation.

Winona has been fighting against pollution, pipelines, and as she says, “bad ideas” for the last few decades. Now she is fighting by working to create the new economy. One that “is going to be kind and restore our Mother Earth.” She is leading by example and leading the way.

I traveled all the way from Florida to rural Minnesota to see Winona’s Hemp Farm because I truly believe she is on the ground level of creating the change we need in the world.

There are few things that excite me more than what Winona is doing, and she has my full support. I encourage you to support her as well. She already has the farm and the hemp growing, now she’s raising funds for the mill. Learn more and contribute at:
My nonprofit will match every donation made today through this weekend up to $1,000 total.

UPDATE. My nonprofit donated $1,000. 

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