Where did my Orlando Tiny House Go?

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Many of you have joined me on the internet over the last year from finding me somewhere on the internet in a tiny house, in my garden or in the wild collecting food.

You probably know that I no longer live in the tiny house, but you might not know where the tiny house is. Well, here’s the story!

When I left Orlando last November 2019, I donated the tiny house to a nearby permaculture community, Sustainable Kashi. Here it serves as a tiny house that demonstrates simple and sustainable living for everyone who visits. At Sustainable Kashi they host volunteers who work in their organic gardens to regain and nurture a connection to the land. In exchange for education, food and lodging they work for 25 hours per week. This place is just one of thousands of opportunities around the world. Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) is an amazing platform where you can find organic farms all over the world to volunteer with. If you are wanting to get out of the rat race and step into a healthier and happier existence, this would be one of my absolute top recommendations.

I visited my tiny house this month and got to sleep in it for about a week. It was a nice rest in a peaceful place and a bit of a visit to the past. I’m so glad that this tiny house can be a gift that keeps giving. It was built with over 40 pairs of hands together in community and now it stays in community.
And of course I have to thank the person who reported the tiny house to code enforcement and ultimately gave me the motivation to move it out of the backyard and into community where it can benefit more people. Thank you!
Now I’m hard at work in St. Petersburg, Florida where I’m living for the winter and spring helping others to grow their own food and heal our Earth.

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