The Food Waste Fiasco is Coming to Los Angeles!

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Dumpster DivingFood Waste

United States population = 320 million
Number of hungry US Americans = 50 million
Number of people we have food for = 500+ million

The simple math shows a massive problem. We have enough food to feed nearly 2 entire US American populations yet 50 million US Americans are food insecure. Every day we throw away billions of pounds of perfectly good food while children are too hungry to concentrate on school work and elders sit at home not knowing when their next solid meal will come.

This is really messed up. The good news is the solutions are all there. We’ve got the food. We just need to get it to the people who need it!

Join us June 13th in Los Angeles for a gathering of positive action to end hunger and food waste all at one go. Of course, we can’t solve this massive problem on our own, but together we can be a big part of the solution!

We’ll be putting on a Food Waste Fiasco– a grand display of food that is wasted by grocery stores in the United States. For 2 days leading up the event Robin and a few friends will be out dumpster diving, collecting car loads of delicious and nutritious food from grocery store dumpsters. Then we’ll put it on display and invite you and the media to bring attention to hunger and food waste.

Here are some of our past fiascos that have brought media attention to hunger and food waste around the globe.

Detroit:Food Waste

Food Waste


Food Waste Fiasco

San Diego:
Earth Day Fiasco

And good news for anyone who’s hungry, we’ll eat the whole fiasco- giving away a few thousand dollars worth of groceries!

This is just part of UTW Day. There will be music, art, and non-profits to get involved with. The art show will feature works by local homeless and at-risk youth and young adults, as well as by artists from around the globe. The event will be taking place in the heart of Hollywood right where UTW  is doing their outreach work in support of the youth and young adults who live in shelters, on sidewalks and on the embankments of the 101 freeway.

Location: 5737 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles Date and time: June 13th from 2:00- 7:00

Learn more about the Food Waste Fiasco here and watch Dumpster Diving Across the USA here.

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