Trash Me for Kids

Two frames of a boy holding and wearing his trash.
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Everett Sjolseth, a 5th grader in Texas, spent 2 weeks wearing every single piece of trash that he created.


To create a shocking visual to help his fellow students understand how much trash they create!
By day 14 he was wearing 25 pounds of trash, which looks like a lot, but is actually less than half of what the average US American creates.

Then Everett spent another 2 weeks doing it again, but this time trying to create as little as possible. In that 2 weeks he created just 1.6 pounds of trash. That is over 15 times less!

The difference is drastic as you can see in the photos!

I’m super proud of him for overcoming ego and standing up for something he believes in. He has shown what is possible not just for every young student, but for all adults as well.
Thank you for being a role model Everett!

Follow his project at Pennies of Time: Compassionate Problem Solvers


Everett was inspired to do this project from seeing me do it in 2016.

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