Why I live in an especially tiny tiny house

Robin Greenfield cooking barefoot outside his tiny house.
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I built this tiny house for the sake of waking people up and inspiring positive change. Sure, I love living here, but I could just as easily do a work exchange for a spare bedroom in a house. Life would be easier that way. But, I want to show what is possible. My life serves as a demonstration of what is possible. I don’t expect others to live in a 100 square foot tiny house. I don’t expect others to live on less than $10,000/ year or reduce their possessions to the absolute basics. I don’t expect anyone else to grow all of their food. I don’t expect anyone to do anything to the level that I am.

But by me taking it to my extreme, I aim to exist as a counterbalance to the mainstream narrative. Many people consider me extreme, because they make a narrow comparison to mainstream society. The reality is that my country, the USA, has just 5% of the world’s population yet uses 25% of the world’s resources. That by definition is extreme. I’m here to stand out as a beacon in this society and move the needle towards common sense, moderation and goodwill for the earth, the species we share our home with and humanity.

Living to this extreme is certainly difficult. You can see the path I walk over and over from the house to the kitchen where I’ve worn the grass down to just dirt. I could have an easy modern kitchen in a fancy house with all the modern conveniences and make life a breeze. But I wouldn’t be happy there. I live to create change. It’s what feeds me. I wake up thinking about it and I go to bed thinking about. I strategize day after day at how I can use my life to be in service to humanity and the earth. I’m not selfless though. It gives me purpose. I feel the passion burning through my veins. It’s what keeps me alive. This is what I’ll keep doing for the decades to come. It will change with age as I go from 32 to 52 to 72 (if I live that long), but one way or another I’ll be here shining bright. Shining for change!

I built this tiny house along with friends for under $1,500, with nearly 100% secondhand and repurposed materials and while creating near zero waste – just 30 pounds of trash! This setup allows me to live simply so that I can dedicate my time to the service of others and the earth. It also serves as a demonstration site for those who desire to live simply and sustainably.

I am so excited to FINALLY have a video tour of my place to show you! In the tour I’ll show you the inside of my tiny 100 square foot house, my outdoor kitchen with grey-water, my rainwater shower and rainwater collection system, my closed loop compost toilet, my garden and more!

I hope you’ll find my tiny house homestead to be quite inspiring and educational.
Health and happiness to you all!

Cover photo by Brandon Kari
Photo by Sierra Ford Photography

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