My Tiny Home is in the News and I Haven’t Even Moved In Yet!

A TV broadcast of Robin Greenfield's tiny house.
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11 minutes after I posted a photo of my new tiny home on Facebook Joe Little from Channel 10 News wanted to do a story. I told him the house wasn’t really ready yet, but sure why not. 5 minutes later I got a request from the The SD City Beat. Lot’s of excitement around this little guy. I’ve decided along with the builder, Chris Scott, I’m going to use my home to help get people off the streets. This has been a dream of his for decades and at the age of 70 something we’re going to fight homelessness together.

Here’s the news story for your viewing pleasure:
San Diego Man to Move into Tiny Home to Teach Sustainability

My tiny home is 50 square feet (smaller then some peoples walk in closets). I purchased it for $950 (less than a months rent in NYC) That might not even qualify as a tiny home in most peoples minds but it would be a hell of a lot better than sleeping on the streets for many people. Locks on the door, a place to leave there stuff when going to the library or job interviews, security by day and night, these are things that many people don’t have.
My TIny Home is in the News and I haven't even moved in yet 5
I’m not a man of many needs. This will do me just fine. Here’s a view from the inside:
My TIny Home is in the News and I haven't even moved in yet 4
Joe finds my crazy stories quite entertaining. This is the third story we’ve done together. I love this guy. As you can see it fits two pretty snugly.
My TIny Home is in the News and I haven't even moved in yet 1
Here’s Chris, my partner in getting people off the streets and into homes. Me and this gentle soul are going to raise a ruckus. We just met yesterday on craigslist.
My TIny Home is in the News and I haven't even moved in yet 2
These homes can be put together in a matter of hours by someone with no knowledge of building and cost under $1,000. Imagine going from a sleeping bag on the sidewalk to a bed protected by solid walls.

I’ll be living off the grid pretty well in harmony with the land. To learn more about my tiny home check out the first blog I wrote it.
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