I’m a tiny home owner. And it’s really, really tiny!

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I am the proud owner of this tiny home!

I was planning on building a tiny home on my own but yesterday I went on craigslist and found this beauty for $950! That’s less than my friends in New York City pay for a months rent. She’s almost exactly what I wanted. At 5 feet x 10 feet she’s extra tiny, that’s 50 square feet. To give you a comparison, a typical college dorm room is 12 x 19 which is 228 square feet. My home is over 4 times smaller than a college dorm room. Just 3 years ago I was the one who wanted the biggest room in the apartment. My room then was actually bigger than this entire house.

This is one tiny tiny home.

I'm a tiny home owner and it's really really tiny 2

This is a huge step forward for me to live:

-Connected to the earth
-For the benefit of all, rather than the destruction of earth, people, and creatures
-Free of governmental constructs
-Free of bills
-Free from stuff

My TIny Home is in the News and I haven't even moved in yet 6

Life is going to be real simple with her. I’m going to be living off the grid. I’ll power my home with solar panels, cook with a rocket stove, harvest rain water, and use a composting toilet for doing my business. I’m also going to be growing my own food, and hopefully stewarding bees. I plan on living mostly self sufficiently and creating almost no waste or trash. This won’t be out in the woods though, this will be right in San Diego.

Off the Grid Urban Living!

For all you worriers out there I know that there are legal challenges with this but I’m not one to follow unjust laws. I’m one to fight them peacefully and through example.

It gets more awesome. The guy who I purchased the home from is a freaking wood genius. His name is Chris Scott. He was the owner of the first for Ikea’s in North America but sold them a while back. He is working on a pretty revolutionary way to build homes called I-Wood. “I-Wood technology uses pre-cut, profiled lumber that fits together like Lego™ blocks and the kit homes or relief shelters can be assembled by unskilled people with just a couple tools. He’s basically taking the Ikea concept to homes. And this building system he’s designed reduces wood usage by 30%. That could save millions of trees, and that is just one of the many environmental benefits of I-Wood.

You might have a lot of questions. 50 square feet is absolutely tiny. One reason I am going so small is to show a viable solution to getting people off the streets and into homes. I’m going to run into challenges that many of us are not accustomed to but I’m going to overcome those challenges with resourcefulness and determination. How am I going to do it? You’ll see that with time. I’m going to be documenting my tiny home life and sharing it with you so feel free to subscribe to youtube.com/RobJGreenfield if you have interest in living simply, off the grid, sustainably, or free of bills. Today I’m just sharing a tiny bit of my excitement but I’ll be updating you on other good stuff soon like where my new home will take root!

Other exciting updates since I got home from cycling across the United States in late October:

-I went home free and moved out of the apartment I had for the last 3.5 years and got a PO Box

-I got rid of most of my possessions and am down to about 4 boxes. It all fit into the back of my friends car.

-Got my life down to just one bill, my cellphone- $60/ month

-I switched to a local credit union and took my money out of the destructive banking system

-I’ve been weening off my cellphone the last month and switched to Google Voice which is free. I’ll be canceling my cellphone this month and will be officially bill free.

-I paid my last debt this Summer. 100% debt free!

-I canceled my last credit card this summer.  100% credit card free

It’s been a very transformative couple of months and I’m so excited to be on this path of living for the benefit of the earth, my community, and myself. I aim to benefit the lives of many and not harm the lives of any, and living off the grid in this tiny home is really going to help me do that.

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