I’m Auctioning My Tiny Home!

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Update Summer 2022:


I’m auctioning my tiny home and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to build tiny homes for the homeless.

January 29th is my one year anniversary of living off the grid in this tiny home. It has been an incredible experience but in my quest to live simply giving away my home is the next step. I will now travel my country and the world, lending my hands to bring strength and courage to those in need (more on this here). I will not have a physical home for the time being but by embracing the earth as my home, I believe that I will never be homeless. Lately I’ve become more aware of the vast wealth gap, where a small percentage of people hold so much money while others have so little. I am not rich in financial wealth but there are many people with less than I, living on the streets of the USA, and I know that they could use the comforts and security of a home much more than I.

The auction will take place on January 29th, 2016 at 3:00 PM PST via Facebook live video on my page: Robin Greenfield. The winner will donate the money directly to the nonprofits. Here’s a two minute tour of the house!

My tiny home is located in San Diego, California and the winner must pick it up no later than 02/28/16. The house is on a trailer and it’s a very smooth process to hook it up and take it to a new location. The auction includes the solar panel, battery, and light and as I’m moving closer to a life of non-ownership most of the possessions can be included for someone who wants to jump right into a fully livable home! The auction will likely start at around $2,000 and I hope to raise $5,000. If you’d like to place a bid now please contact me. More details to come…

Ideas of how you can use the tiny home:

-Live off the grid like I am now. Here’s a playlist of videos of my life in the tiny home:

Reduce your rent by putting the house in your back yard and renting it out on a website like Airbnb. Or you can rent out your house from time to time and stay in the tiny home while it’s being rented. You could live rent free by doing this and actually make this donation a profitable investment in a short time.

Set it up as a kids playhouse.

-Set it up as a guest bedroom outside your house.

-Give it to someone who doesn’t have a home.

I’ve committed to living in the service of others and am donating 100% of the proceeds from both my new book, Dude Making a Difference and my tv show, Free Ride on Discovery to nonprofits. I hope my actions inspire you to do more for humankind, the animals that we share the earth with, and the earth itself. We can all lend a hand to those in need and bring ourselves up at the same time.

Do not worry my friends who are inspired by my off the grid tiny house life. What is to come will give you evermore inspiration to live in a manner that is beneficial to the earth, your community, and yourself. I will continue to show that we can be happier with less while decreasing our impact on earth.

UPDATE 03/01/2016:
We did it! We raised the $10,000 to turn my tiny house into 10 tiny houses!

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