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For those of you who know me, the following statement should be obvious. However, many of you who follow me online probably don’t know me that well.
This page is vastly non-political, and I intend to keep it that way. But I need to be completely clear that I do not condone Donald Trump as the president of the United States or as a human being outside of politics. I do not accept his desires for the United States or the world or humanity and I stand strongly opposed to his views, his words, his actions, his very being.

I am not speaking as a Democrat. I’m not speaking as a Republican. I’m not speaking as an Independent. I do not adhere to any political label. I am speaking simply as a human being and I am speaking simply for human life, the other millions of species we share the earth with, and our home as a whole. I am speaking for justice and equality. I am not politically motivated. I am not financially motivated. I’m not trying to win or lose friends or followers. I only want to do what is right. This is beyond politics. This is just life. If you have any level of respect for me and my work, but you support this man, I ask you to please do some deep reflecting. I ask you to step far beyond politics, stubbornness, the desire to be right and not wrong, and beyond any bias you may be receiving from the media. I ask you to strip down to being just a human. Set the little details, the chaos, and any sensationalized media aside and please just look at the basics. Ask yourself if what this man is doing is right. Ask yourself if your beliefs really support what this man is doing. Even if you want some of things that he wants, ask if the means and the destruction justify the end result. I encourage you to be strong and deeply thoughtful. I promise to do the same.I am not trying to polarize any person or group of people. I am not saying that if you support this man that you are not welcome here. You are welcome here. I want you here. I want to become better people together. Objectively, this is not a polarizing page. But again, I must be one hundred-percent clear that I do not stand with Trump and that I stand against him. I stand strongly against him. I stand for equality and justice for humanity regardless of what human-made borders and lines on a map they were born into. I stand for all the species we share the earth with. I stand for our collective home.

I can’t control this man and I can’t control the government, media, corporations, and so on. They are bigger than me and I honestly feel overwhelmed at times. But I will never let this man get the best of me. I will feel down at times, but as a whole I will shine brighter than before. I will not be dulled. I will not join the destruction. I will not be tricked or pulled away from a deep set of broad ethics and morals. I will work within my community to make it a happier, healthier, and more sustainable place. I will send ripples throughout my country and the world. I want you to join me, no matter who you are, or your beliefs.

I am also writing this statement to give my support to everyone standing up right now with their actions and their voices. Stand strong. You are so needed right now. It’s ok to feel burned out and run down at times. Just continue to exist for something greater than yourself and live for a more peaceful world.

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