Don’t you have a significant other?

Don't you have a significant other?
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Don’t I have a partner?
Do I want to get married and have children?
And how will this all change if I do?

Well, I really mean it when I say that humanity is my significant other and I’m in a relationship with the earth and all its creatures. To be honest, I’d really love to have a partner right now, a committed relationship as some would call it, but with my year+ of traveling ahead I don’t see that as likely.

My relationships with greater humanity, the earth, other species and with myself take precedent right now over a dedicated relationship to just one human. My platonic relationships with my fellow humans fill me deeply and thus I have less need for the love of a single person or to express my love to a single person. I commune with plants and animals each day and this brings me great joy and love. Simply breathing the fresh air, looking at the blue sky, and walking on the soil below me provides me with significant interaction each day. I am madly in love with Earth, plants, animals and humanity.

I also have nurtured a completeness within which allows me to more easily live without needing the love of one person. Yes, I still feel desires to be held by and to hold another and I feel uprisings of loneliness. But I’ve felt that while being in a longterm loving relationship too and I know most of my friends have as well.

I won’t be creating any humans. I got a vasectomy eight years ago. I’d rather give my time, energy and resources to children who don’t have their basic needs met and to be a positive example for children to learn from. I won’t be getting married. The government does not have a say in my love. I may spend the rest of my life with someone, but it will not be a written contract and never will a lawyer or government be involved.

I was in a four year relationship until the summer of 2018. Since then I have met people who I have spent a day, a week or a few months with intimately. I even fell quite in love with someone I spent just two weeks with. These short intimacies are deeply meaningful for me and are an opportunity for me to express my love and be loved.

A little insight for those wondering…

PS. This is my life and I’m not telling anyone else what to do.

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