School Lunch (Coming Soon)

Robin Greenfield eats nothing but school lunch for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 30 days straight to see how it impacts his health, while examining what’s wrong with school lunches in the United States. This is what we’re feeding our kids, so he should get healthier, right? Let’s find out.

This short documentary film will follow Robin’s month of eating school lunch, and through this, share the state of the food that we are feeding our children here in the United States. The short will explore how corporate lobbyists and corporations are controlling the food system at the expense of the children. Through this, viewers will have a better understanding of the industrial food system as a whole and what it does to our health. The short film will also explore the solutions, particularly by showing schools that are serving healthier meals, especially through growing their own food and sourcing food locally from farmers.

Seeds for Schools: This short film will not only educate on solutions but empower children, educators, and schools to be a part of the solution. We are currently creating a program within Seeds for the People to provide seeds to those who watch the film and are inspired to start growing food. Schools will receive seeds to grow a variety of healing greens, hearty veggies, tasty herbs, and a mix of beautiful and fragrant flowers for our bee, butterfly, and pollinator friends. They will receive enough seeds to plant a substantial garden in their schoolyard or to distribute among the children to grow at home.

Film Directed and Produced by Auri Jackson and Shawheen Keyani
Executive Produced by Rob Herring and Sarah Yeager

Expected Campaign Dates: April 1-April 30, 2024

Expected Film Release: To Be Decided

Interested in getting involved or supporting the film?
See our School Lunch Support Information page to learn what support we are seeking.

Read Robin’s response to early questions and concerns here.