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Positive Change Stories

This story from Sarah R. is part of Robin Greenfield’s Positive Change Series.

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Dear Robin,

When I first discovered you and your mission here on Earth, you were living in your tiny house in San Diego. At the time, I was mostly homebound due to severe chronic illness. I yearned to be deep in nature, but was rarely well enough to go much further than my backyard. I was angry and frustrated that I couldn’t do more or see more. I felt imprisoned.

Your commitment to living a more sustainable, heart-centered, earth-connected life really ignited a shift in me. I felt a spark and started to notice, feel and enjoy the immense beauty of my yard as well as grow a few plants in pots. My family built a compost and I was amazed – like a little kid – by the chunky earthworms that inhabited it. So many neighborhood critters enjoyed that compost pile! Whenever I felt like I wasn’t doing enough, I always remembered your encouragement to just continue to take any small step forward to create a lighter footprint.

I knew that the only way I was going to heal was to be as close to Earth as possible; nourishing myself with her bounty of whole foods. I studied Functional Nutrition and let go of my standard US American diet. I replaced it with whole, nutrient-rich foods and slowly began to heal from symptoms that doctors told me I’d be plagued with for the rest of my life! I was also able to taper off all of my prescription and over-the-counter medications.

As each year passes and I physically get stronger, I am dedicated to being in service to Earth; thanking her for the gift of renewed health. For the past year and a half, I have been volunteering with Food Rescue US; rescuing $5,000+ worth of food from grocery stores every Saturday morning – with the help of my amazing volunteer team. It is so impactful to get this food directly to my community! During the pandemic, I started a food share in my apartment complex’s mail room. My family and I have used rescued food to make meals for those who are sick and do not have the strength to prepare meals. I share hope with my nutrition clients that they can heal, too, if they are willing to get simpler. To slow down. To reconnect. To listen. All of these things light me up!

My next calling is to visit/forage the plants that have assisted my healing; getting to know them more deeply and thanking them personally. I am so excited to meet you and your team at the Yale talk and foraging walk tomorrow. Thank you for coming to New Haven, CT and for the love, inspiration and change that you embody!

Much Love + Hope,

This story from Sarah R. is part of Robin Greenfield’s Positive Change Series.

Learn more about the series here.

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