Punta Mona Center Costa Rica

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Welcome to Punta Mona, the land of freedom. It’s a tropical paradise off-the-grid in the Caribbean Jungle of Costa Rica.There are no roads here. You arrive by boat or hike 2 hours through primary rainforest. Stephen Brooks, who left suburban Miami to create a new way of life, founded the community in 1995.

Mother Nature keeps the kitchen overflowing with hundreds of exotic foods and tropical fruits, so there are no supermarkets. There’s no hardware store. All of the buildings are made from fallen trees and bamboo grown on the land. The water comes from rainwater catchment and hand dug wells. A deep sense of community is embraced here. It’s an environmental education center to empower you to live the life of your dreams. They offer Permaculture Design Courses and Apprenticeships, Jungle camp (a transformational summer camp for adults), yoga teacher training and retreats, and medicinal plant workshops.

To learn more about Punta Mona, visit their Website and follow them on Facebook.

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