Positive Change Stories

Robin Greenfield bathing in a river.
Positive Change Stories

A decade ago I woke up. I realized that the “American Dream” I was living was the world’s nightmare. I was wrapped up in a web of consumerism, capitalism and oppressive systems. Rather than focus on despair, I realized the only way out of this web of destruction was to break one strand at a time and weave a new web of living in harmony with Earth, humanity and our plant and animal relatives.

I started the transformation of my life by making at least one positive change per week. Over a period of two years this added up to over 100 positive changes. I radically transformed my life in just two years, but I have continued one change at a time since then.

All the while, I have strived to foster positive change in others by embodying the change I wish to see in the world and providing education, inspiration and resources. Through your comments and by meeting many of you over the years, I have heard that my life and my work has been of service to so many of you. I have in turn been inspired to continue by each of you who are becoming the change you wish to see in the world, by starting with yourself and your community!

I’d love to hear how my life and my work has helped you to create positive change in your life or in your community! Tell me about the positive changes you have made! I’m starting a twice monthly series where I feature some of your stories of change on this page. Comment with your story of positive change and email us for a chance to be featured!

I hope these stories will provide a wide range of examples of change (big and small), that will help many others on their journey of breaking free from destructive systems to living in service to Earth, humanity and all our plant and animal relatives.


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