Hello from Port Townsend, Washington!


Hello from Port Townsend, Washington!

I have been thinking of you most every day… Yearning to write to you…
There is so much alive in me and so much on the horizon that I have wanted to share with you. But I have not known where to start…

We are half way through 2024 and as I reflect back, I see that I am not the same human I was before the new year turned over. There has been so much letting go… So much surrender to outcome… I have fostered much inner peace and a deep sense of wholeness and completeness within. The hard work is coming to fruition. I want to write and speak volumes to share my life with you… I will do this in the months ahead…

For now, I have been quite busy. I am shedding what no longer serves me, continuing to unravel the web of the dominator society that I have been wrapped into. Continuing to replace each strand of the web I break with strands of truth and integrity… I am often astounded by just how much work it takes to become liberated from the material world that has penetrated my life, especially the trappings of the digital world. I am breaking free, with the pursuit of living mindfully in the present moment. With the end game of spending all my moments in service to Earth.

The last two years, the last two months, the last two weeks have all been chapters in this pursuit. I feel strongly that each of the months and seasons ahead will yield life transformations for me. I am holding my plans within as I gain confidence and internal balance with them, but I continue to share with the people I spend precious moments with and occasional sharings online. I am eager to share more with you soon…

Here in Port Townsend, besides continuing on the path of truth and integrity, I have a few main items on my agenda.

I am waiting here for a shipment of 5,000 copies of my recently completed book, Food Freedom, which I am bringing to you through my new grassroots publishing company, Robin Press. The feedback I have received from advanced readers so far has been hopeful and inspiring. The books are scheduled to arrive around August 1st. I am embarking on an experiment in the gift economy, offering the book completely free to anyone who requests it.

While here, I am also offering a Foraging School to share my connection with our plant relatives with all who would like to develop their own connection with these plants and their sense of interconnectedness with it all.

I have strategically chosen this quiet location on the Olympic Peninsula to prepare myself for my next adventure, which will begin this month. Many of you who shared a moment with me in California know of this journey ahead. Each of you here will know soon and this is a journey you are all invited on.


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